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Diving in Verzasca River

Diver in crystal clear water of Verzasca river in Ticino - Switzerland. This dive site is dangerous if you don’t respect the security rules. But it’s a fabulous world with rounded rock. You can see across the surface from the bottom of the river. It’s a kind of underwater cathedral.

Photograph by Marc Henauer

Dusk | Prealpi | Italy
陶芸作家、田中美佐さんの作品が到着しました。今回もかなりいい感じです。明後日5月26日(土)からミッド・センチュリー モダンの店内でご覧頂けます。皆様のご来店心よりお待ちしています!

#misatanaka #田中美佐 #ceramics #glass  (Mid-Century MODERN)

Blue | Schwäbisch Hall | Germany

1953 Bobertz Residence | Architect: Craig-Ellwood | San Diego, CA | Photo: Darren Bradley - Via

Achille Castiglioni, above, in his Milan studio in the late 1960s, with his Arco Lamp, Sanluca chair and Rochetto table; the studio is now a museum. - Via

1970s United Airlines DC-10 - Via